Dennis Wu: Portfolio 胡銘堯:個人履歷

Dennis Wu: Portfolio 胡銘堯:個人履歷

Vision and Objective

Dennis Wu is a specialist for classical music in Hong Kong with vastly diverse activities and outputs: writer, critic, public speaker, editor, music producer, curator, programme host, composer, arranger and more. His rich experience in the industry makes him a sought-after writer and speaker for prominent institutes of classical music. He is also a veteran manager in digital marketing and works as a business analyst and consultant for digital projects, including web build, CRM, business analytics and mobile application development.

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Associate Marketing Director

Past Works (Full Time)

Music Administrator
Assistant Marketing Manager
Presenter/Producer (Fine Music and Culture Channel)
Curriculum Project Coordinator (Music)


M.Mus. (Composition)
B.A. (Music)
Centralised Scheme of Music Training 
Hong Kong Certificate Examination and Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination

Professional Qualifications



  • Scholarship, Composers and Author Society of Hong Kong 2000, 2001
  • Alumni Scholarship, Chung Chi College, CUHK 1997, 1998


Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association
Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong (FCCHK) 
The Friends of Radio 4 Society Ltd.
International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong) (IATC(HK))
Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH)

Experience as an Arts Critic

Published Criticism Articles (Selection)

穿梭於意大利歌劇與非洲大戰的虛實 南非第三世界失序藝團《馬克白》 🇲🇴
《戀愛大爆髮》 糖衣喜劇中的時代感 🇲🇴
回顧系列:古典樂界回顧2014 +藝評人胡銘堯談心水演出

Published Criticism Videos (Selection)


Criticism Related Projects

高中生演藝賞析計劃 Performing Arts Appreciation Project for Senior Secondary Students Appreciation Workshops on Performing Arts: Music
「節外生字」:輕鬆認識藝評寫作 “Words of Fest” Writing Award Scheme
我看、我感、我寫:高中生藝評啟導計劃 I View, I Feel, I Review: Performing Arts Criticism Project for Senior Secondary Students: Music Criticism

Experience as an Adjudicator or Assessment

Assessor (Music, Criticism, Arts Education)
Cultural Activities / Project Grant 🇲🇴
Hong Kong Arts Development Award (Arts Education)
Hong Kong Arts Development Award (Music)

Experience in Presenting and Publishing

Talk Series


Dennis Wu is a series speaker of the long-running lecture series Journeys Through Music, presented by Cultural Presentation Section of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Each series contains eight public ticketed lectures on Western classical music composers. The series has been known as intensive yet entertaining, with heavy focus on historic contexts and cultural relevance with an overwhelming response.

「音樂遊蹤」講座系列:德國站 (II) Journeys Through Music Lecture Series: Into Germany (II)
「音樂遊蹤」講座系列:奧地利站 Journeys Through Music Lecture Series: Into Austria
「音樂遊蹤」講座系列:法國站 Journeys Through Music Lecture Series: Into France
「音樂遊蹤」講座系列:俄羅斯站 Journeys Through Music Lecture Series: Into Russia
「音樂遊蹤」講座系列:東歐站 Journeys Through Music Lecture Series: Into Eastern Europe
「音樂遊蹤」講座系列:德國站 Journeys Through Music Lecture Series: Into Germany

Concerts and Education Programmes


Dennis Wu has curated several concert programmes, with works including composing and arranging for the concert performances. He is also the producer of all related education materials, including education booklets, house programmes. All these programmes involve tours to schools, with introductory talks and live demonstrations. Also, he appears on stage as a narrator for all these performances.

《大航海年代—說故事的音樂》 The Seafarer
《神樣之愛情—說故事的音樂》 Mythical Lovers
《詩人的繆思:余光中詩歌音樂會》A Poet and His Muse: Yu Kwang-chung’s Poetry in Music 🇭🇰🇹🇼
《羅密歐與茱麗葉》音樂版 Romeo and Juliet in Concert

Radio and Television Programmes


Dennis Wu has produced and presented over 500 radio and television programmes in his career. He is a regular presenter on RTHK Radio 4. He is a recording producer of numerous concert relays broadcast on the station, from solo recitals to orchestral concerts to choir competition finals, with concerts transmitted live or as-live on radio and television. He is also responsible for a vast number of classical music television productions, providing professional support in scores cuing, artists interviews, subtitles and renditions for programmes involving English, German, Italian, French, Latin and Chinese. He has also been an anchor on live concert television relays.

演藝盛薈 / 音樂會轉播 Arts on Air / Concert Relays
室樂雅聚 / 音樂會轉播 Music of Friends / Concert Broadcast Relays
碟碟不休 CD Reviews
談天論樂 Musical Exchange
非同凡響 Let Music Speak
香港學校音樂節 — 回眸七十年 Hong Kong Schools Music Festival – The Platinum Anniversary

Research and Writing Project

音樂事務處:四十週年誌慶 Music Office: 40-Year in Retrospect


澳門音樂年鑑 2015 Macao Music Yearbook 2015 🇲🇴
澳門音樂年鑑 2014 Macao Music Yearbook 2014 🇲🇴
澳門音樂年鑑 2013 Macao Music Yearbook 2013 🇲🇴
香港古典音樂年鑑 2014 Hong Kong Classical Music Yearbook 2014

Scores Engraving

頌讚歸主 — 黎本正曲選 Laudate Dominum — Anthems by Joseph Lai
只有祝福 — 陳偉光曲選 Blessings Only — Anthems by Victor Chan
起來,讚美主 — 蕭樹勝曲選 Arise, Praise the Lord — Anthems by Jimmy Shiu

Experience in Organising Overseas Cultural Exchange Programmes

USA Tour 2012: World Choir Games and Performance Tour 🇺🇸
Venice Tour 2012: Venezia in Musica 🇮🇹

Other Notable Works

2017 Cultural Leadership Summit – Building Our Future
Macao International Music Festival Forum: Music and Arts Festivals as Drivers of a City's Cultural Development 🇲🇴
Technology Incubation Programme



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